Conditions of booking Courts

To make your reservation you must fill in the form with your contact information, the court, the day and time of your preference, you can add extras such as can of ball or 1 hours of light bulbs.

Reservations must be made in advance as possible. The minimum allowed is 30 minutes before playing time, in this case cancellation is not allowed except for reasons specified in the cancellations section.

Your reservation is for 1 hour, 55 minutes for playing. We recommend to use the last 5 minutes to clean tennis court it is mandatory to do it for the next players use.

Your booking is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email.

Conditions of the purchase of hourly vouchers

We have 3 types of boucher (6 hours, 10 hours and 20 hours). The voucher is paid in full and subsequently redeemed in the corresponding form, you can find it with the name of “Track Reservation Bonus 6 hours”, “Track Reservation Bonus 10 hours” and Track Reservation Bonus 20 hours”.

The voucher have a validity period of 6 months. After 6 months they will expire.

How to book (redeem) one hour of your Voucher:

You will choose the form “Reservation 1 hour for vouchers (6 -10 and 20 hours)”, where you must enter the redemption code, the redemption code will be sent to you later to the confirmation of your purchase, and will deduct the hours each time you make a reservation. You will be able to use it as many times as befits your bonus. Once your number of uses is exhausted, if you use it you will be charged the normal rental price of 1 hour of track.

Conditions of the purchase of gift voucher

You can make any purchase (1 hour of track or a bonus of x hours) to give to someone else. You just have to check the option “gift voucher” and fill in the data.

The reservation has no date and its expiration is one year. The person who receives this bonus must redeem it at least 48 hours before the day they want to use it. To do this, you must go to the corresponding form found on the reservation page of our website “http://…”

**The purchase of the gift voucher can be sent to the person to whom you want to make the gift, indicating the name, email and day you want it to arrive.

First you must enter the data of the person who makes the purchase and then the question will appear if you want to send it by email to the person who makes the gift. Simply fill it out so it can be sent to the person receiving the gift.

** (Valid only for tennis court reservation per hour, it is not possible for the 6, 8 and 10 hour vouchers. You can buy an hourly voucher as a gift, but you do not have the option to put the data in duplicate and indicate when you want to send it.)

Cancellation policy.

Cancellations are only allowed with the right to a refund of the amount 48 hours in advance or due to illness, presenting a medical certificate.

If the reservation must be canceled due to weather conditions, we will offer you another day so that you can enjoy your reservation, in case you can not change your reservation day we will make the full refund of the amount.